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Wearing a jacket as a cape.

The impracticalities of this ridiculous fashion trend that has found it’s way out of the editorial styling practice (which exhibits all the layers of the look) and onto the streets of Fashion Week, or rather onto every wannabe fashionista and EVERY SINGLE BLOGGER everywhere are endless…

1. Should a slight gust of wind happen upon you. YOUR JACKET WILL FALL ON THE FLOOR.
2. Try wave at another person, hell, lift your arm just a little. YOUR JACKET WILL FALL ON THE FLOOR.
3. Hug someone. You can’t. YOUR JACKET WILL FALL ON THE FLOOR.

The only thing you achieve is to look hunched over and have people wonder about the freak accident that you lost both your arms in, but it left your hands intact. There is a reason there are capes and a reason there are jackets. Capes are for super heroes and jackets slung over shoulders are for romantic movies. For the love of keeping the order of the world put your armies back in your sleevies.