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Daft Punk

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Well played Daft Punk, well played.

First you had us all in a flurry over Random Access Memories which was total garbage other than a tiny, tiny handful of songs then you plan the album launch in bum * nowhere, I mean Wee Waa, where exactly where is that Australia?!? but don’t show.

You had better make sure those helmets are hard wearing because I reckon you’re going to have a run in with a couple of fans who don’t feel they got quite as lucky…


So you find yourself needing a new bikini or rather you’ve seen the latest ‘IT’ bikini and you rush out to buy it. You finger on the pulse sheep trendy thing you!

You put it on the ATG bikini and low and behold it doesn’t transform you magically and instantly into a bikini model with the savviest fashion sense and a hot contract for a beach shoot…it’s actually looks like you took scissors to your little brothers spiderman outfit. And the kicker? EVERYONE is doing it too. You’re cutting skills are not original.

I’d also like to point out, they don’t actually look that good on. In real life – where you live.

In conclusion: ATG bikini’s are a showpiece, they should only be worn by models like the one above, because she’s photoshopped hot and she’s not actually ever going to swim in it.


It’s extremely hard for me to say anything bad about the Dutch as they’re most excellent at putting their fingers in holes…but I agree with the reader submission that this chap, André Rieu. needs a full frontal Violin in hand slap. Stat.

Crimes against humanity include, but are not limited to:
1. Allowing oldies to think group waltzing is okay.
2. The many smug faces of André as best demonstrated through his website navigation.
3. His nickname is the ‘Mel Gibson of the violin’.

Pictures   The official André Rieu website Shot 2013-04-18 at 12.44.39 PM