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Wearing a jacket as a cape.

The impracticalities of this ridiculous fashion trend that has found it’s way out of the editorial styling practice (which exhibits all the layers of the look) and onto the streets of Fashion Week, or rather onto every wannabe fashionista and EVERY SINGLE BLOGGER everywhere are endless…

1. Should a slight gust of wind happen upon you. YOUR JACKET WILL FALL ON THE FLOOR.
2. Try wave at another person, hell, lift your arm just a little. YOUR JACKET WILL FALL ON THE FLOOR.
3. Hug someone. You can’t. YOUR JACKET WILL FALL ON THE FLOOR.

The only thing you achieve is to look hunched over and have people wonder about the freak accident that you lost both your arms in, but it left your hands intact. There is a reason there are capes and a reason there are jackets. Capes are for super heroes and jackets slung over shoulders are for romantic movies. For the love of keeping the order of the world put your armies back in your sleevies.






Sheldon G. Adelson

There are more reasons why this chap is my choice pick for today’s sweltering heat inspired Smug Chump than I’ve narrowed down, international scale bribery, corruption and the fact that he’s currently the 24th richest person in the world doesn’t even scrape the surface of the brevity. That aside. Mention anything about an infinity pool, hell, wander over to Google it and what will come up with the Mantra Bay Sands Hotel infinity pool AKA heaven on Singaporean earth.

Now, Sheldon is the chairman and chief executive officer of the Las Vegas Sands Corporation, and for my purposes representation of the Smug. I can picture him now, sitting there in his new hide bazillion dollar chair stroking his chin, letting out a chortle and thinking, “my oh my I am a genius”.

It’s not that he’s solely come up with infinity pools, no, it’s the trouble that everyone who steps into that pool is immediately blessed with the smug water and trots around like some sort of king of all the land beneath them. No longer do people in that pool abide by decent poolside manner – It’s insufferable.

Truth be told – I did absolutely act like one of those chumps while I was in there last week.


Elle Ferguson. I don’t hate you. I just don’t, I actually think you’re okay – I just think you need to put on pants.

The fact that I could gather this many photos of you without pants in under 3 seconds isn’t fashionable.
I know that fashion tends to repeat itself but I wasn’t under the impression that happened on a 24 hour cycle. Wearing denim cut offs for almost 4 years in a row rain, shine and freezing cold just cannot be good for your ovaries. Or are they off trend?

You’re nearing 30. It’s time to rethink the teenage festival bare leg look and consider wearing something a little more ladylike, less tatty and oh I don’t know…age appropriate.











Someone needs to explain what’s going on here…

Camilla, Marc?




The ‘designing’ chump duo of Lc making up the label Romance Was Born continue to irritate amuse me.

I use the term designing loosely here due to the fact that I think their design process consists mainly of cutting out random images from magazines and then sticking those images onto stick drawn figures. Or just typing the search terms “asian, fruit, pop, colour, CRAY CRAY” (in any order) into Google.

Et voilà new collection! Le sigh.

When applying the last theory to their Australian Fashion Week runway last night…I think you’ll agree they are SMUG at the fact that people (other than those hopped up on their own smugness fashionistas) take them seriously.